Choi Jin Hyuk Shares His Opinions On VIXX’s N’s Acting In “Tunnel”

On May 21, Choi Jin Hyuk appeared on a V Live broadcast, where he talked about his popular drama “Tunnel” coming to an end.

The actor first expressed how sad he was and revealed that he had cried after filming the last episode.

“I’m usually not the type to get sick but I had to visit the emergency room three or four times while filming this drama. I had to get some IV drips at the hospital, and I also lost a lot of weight,” he shared.

He also talked about VIXX’s N, who played the present day Park Gwang Ho in the drama. He praised the idol actor, saying, “I was a bit surprised. He acted a lot better than I had expected. His acting was really genuine despite his young age. I want to tell him that he did a great job.”

He then complimented N’s pretty looks, saying he had a really small face.

“Tunnel” aired its final episode on May 21. You can watch it below on Viki!

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