Gummy Responds To Rumors That Her New Song Is About Breaking Up With Jo Jung Suk

After Gummy dropped her pre-release track called “The Quintessential Man” (literal title) on May 22, people have been wondering if her lyrics referred to a potential breakup with Jo Jung Suk.

The lyrics of “The Quintessential Man” take a jab at men who act pretentiously, thinking that women would be impressed by them. Furthermore, the Korean word for “quintessential” is “jung suk, which is the name of her current boyfriend Jo Jung Suk, thus leading to rumors that Gummy has ended her relationship with him.

In response to these rumors, Gummy’s representatives stated, “The lyrics of Gummy’s new song don’t have anything to do with Jo Jung Suk. The two are still in a good relationship. We hope there will be no more misunderstandings.”

It was then revealed that the track originally had a different title but eventually ended up with “The Quintessential Man” because the phrase had been mentioned in the rap lyrics.

“The Quintessential Man” comically expresses the difference between what men think and what women think represents the quintessential man.

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