iKON’s B.I Reveals His Biggest Musical Inspirations Are Psy And Epik High’s Tablo

On May 22, iKON held an interview to commemorate the release of their new single “NEW KIDS: BEGIN” and leader B.I revealed that Psy and Epik High’s Tablo are big influences for him as a musician.

He explained, “I got to know Psy through the survival program I was in, and we talk a lot about music and I get advice from him.” He also added, “I worked on ‘BLING BLING’ with a kid who was born on January 1, 2000.”

The new single features two title tracks, “BLING BLING” and “B-DAY.” The first track will combine a brass sound with 808 drums to reflect iKON’s energy. “B-DAY” contains witty lyrics that compare the members of iKON to bees and will showcase the group’s signature cool vibe.

Don’t forget to check out the music videos for the new songs!

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