Hyoyeon Shares The Sweet Way She Combats Loneliness When Promoting Without Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon opened up about making a solo comeback and expressed her love for her fellow Girls’ Generation members in a recent interview with Grazia.

On the tenth year since her debut, Hyoyeon is confident as ever about her upcoming solo track. “I’m trying my best to showcase my own version of music and performance that I wasn’t able to express as a Girls’ Generation member,” she said. She hopes to convey her “Hyoyeon-ness” in this new song.

She also said that she feels her love for her other members even more strongly when she is promoting solo. “When I go to music shows [as a solo artist], other musicians would hang out in groups while I stayed isolated by myself,” she revealed. “I thought it would help just to feel the members’ presence, so I watched our Girls’ Generation performances after my solo activities because I missed them.”

Hyoyeon’s new song is expected to drop in early June.

Check out her photo shoot below.

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