Jellyfish Entertainment Releases Official Stance On Reported Plagiarism Of VIXX LR

On May 22, Jellyfish Entertainment officially addressed the recent controversy that has risen after many noticed similarities between a new Chinese film OST and VIXX LR’s 2015 release “Beautiful Liar,” a track co-composed by VIXX’s own Ravi.

They stated, “It is extremely regrettable that a controversy has risen because a creative work co-composed by our company’s artist and composer was indiscriminately used.”

“In order to protect the copyright of our agency’s artist, we have currently submitted a request to Korea Music Copyright Association to check whether plagiarism has occurred. We plan to take strong action in line with the results.”

The controversy grew after the composer of the OST for Chinese film “Father and Son” left some words for those who pointed out similarities between the track and “Beautiful Liar.” He had written, “Whether it is plagiarism or not is not a problem that will be solved by what you all say, nor is a problem that will be solved by what I say either. As for whose statements are right, the courts will decide,” and denied he had plagiarized the piece. His wife, however, had reportedly made verbal personal attacks against VIXX fans.

Most likely in response to this, VIXX’s Ravi personally addressed plagiarism as a whole through a series of tweets just a day prior, with one in particular stating “I am incredibly repulsed by the actions of those who disregard and hurt my fans.”

Meanwhile, VIXX is currently promoting their latest title track “Shangri-La.”

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