Golfer Jung Seon Ah Says EXO Was The Driving Force For Her Recent Record-Setting WGTOUR Win

Golfer Jung Seon Ah revealed that boy group EXO was the main driving force for her recent win at the “2017 Lotte Rent-A-Car WGTOUR Official Tour 1st Tournament” on May 21.

Not only was this a win, but it was a perfect win. The golfer broker the record for the lowest total strokes of 20 under par, and finished the game without a single bogey. She is back on top in 100 days since her win at the “2017 Lotte Rent-A-Car WGTOUR Match 4th Tournament” in February, and this is her fourth win overall.

After the match, Jung Seon Ah expressed relief that she won because she can now attend EXO’s upcoming concert, which will be held at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in Jamsil on May 27 and May 28, in peace.

Jung Seon Ah’s expression always brightens when the topic of EXO comes up during her interviews, and she explained, “I got in a lot of trouble with my mom. The Dream Tour is set to begin on May 29, and she wasn’t happy that I was going to EXO’s concert right before then. That’s why I really wanted to do well in this tournament. Now that I’ve won, I can enjoy EXO’s concert with a peaceful mind. I’ll think about the upcoming tournament when it happens.”

In February, Jung Seon Ah revealed that she is a big fan of EXO’s Xiumin and said that she believes her love of EXO has had a positive impact on her ability to focus in matches. The golfer bought her tickets for the upcoming concert a month in advance and began her training. She wanted to do well because she knew people around her would blame EXO if she did poorly. She even bought a pair of binoculars to see the boy group better, but things looked a little rocky leading up to the tournament.

She said, “I practiced a lot but up till the day before the match, things weren’t going well. My mother even said that I’m going to end up not winning anything and basically just be there for practice. But once the game began, I started to gain more confidence. Yesterday, I went to bed early hoping to replicate how well I had done that day, and that feeling of ease led to good results. Most of all, I’m glad to have done so well ahead of the upcoming concerts.”

Jung Seon Ah ended her interview by expressing her excitement for EXO’s concert as she added, “Tickets sold out almost immediately. But I have to go for both days. I ended up paying a lot of money to get the closest seats possible. I can’t wait for next week to come.”

Congratulations to Jung Seon Ah on her win and we hope she has a blast at EXO’s concert!

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