Yeo Jin Goo Shares About His Ideal Type, Alcohol Tolerance Level, And Love For Food

Yeo Jin Goo is quite a lover of food!

During an interview held on May 23, the actor said that his ideal type was a woman who could eat well. “I don’t really like picky eaters. Rather than disliking it [when someone’s selective with their food], I just think it’s regrettable. It’s regrettable that they don’t know the taste of certain foods,” he expressed.

“There’s a lot of different ingredients in the world. When someone claims that they can’t eat a certain dish, I have them try it. I like trying to change their opinions,” he shared.

He then added that eating helps him relieve stress.

When asked about his alcohol tolerance level, he responded that he could drink between a half bottle and a whole bottle of soju. “I like drinking but I don’t really have high tolerance. I fall asleep when I get drunk, and I can’t even control it. It’s hard for me to get a grip once I get tipsy,” he admitted.

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo’s upcoming historical film “Warriors of the Dawn” is about a prince who tries to fight against Japanese forces after the king abandons his post. It is set to premiere on May 31.

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