JTBC Reveals New Posters For Lee Hyori’s Upcoming Reality Show “Hyori’s Home Stay”

JTBC gave viewers a sneak peak into the modern yet natural vibe of upcoming reality show “Hyori’s Home Stay” with two new posters on May 23.

The first poster is in landscape, showing the exterior of Lee Hyori and husband Lee Sang Soon’s Jeju home. At first glance, their home looks modern and welcoming at the same time. The couple are sitting on the stairs of their front porch with big smiles on their faces. You can spot their pets roaming around in the background too.

The second poster is in portrait, showing what seems to be the backyard of Lee Hyori’s house. The couple are once again smiling at each other while holding their hands tightly.

Lee Hyori will be turning her actual home in Jeju Island into a guest house to film the experience for “Hyori’s Home Stay.” IU will also be joining the show to help accommodate Lee Hyori’s guests.

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