“Infinite Challenge” Is The Most Loved TV Show By Koreans

Infinite Challenge” won first place as the most loved TV program in Korea.

On May 23, Gallup Korea announced that the first place for “2017 May’s Most Loved TV Program By Koreans” is MBC’s “Infinite Challenge,” which scored a preference rating of 9.9%. Gallup Korea has been providing real life TV program popularity measures in Korea since 2013.

From January 28, “Infinite Challenge” took a seven week hiatus to revamp the program. Despite the long break, the show maintained its position as the longest running No.1 variety show in Korea during its leave.

In April, “Infinite Challenge” briefly shared first place with JTBC’s “Ssul Jeon,” but reclaimed the spot this month. In recent weeks, “Infinite Challenge” aired innovative and hilarious episodes such as “Hidden Card” and “Future Entertainment Research Institute.”

You can watch the latest episode of Infinite Challenge below!

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