Kim Heechul Confirmed As Homeroom Teacher For Mnet’s “Idol School”

Super Junior member Kim Heechul will be joining Mnet’s “Idol School” as a homeroom teacher!

Mnet’s new show “Idol School” is Korea’s first girl group educational institution that will be premiering in July. Trainees will be taught in a program for 11 weeks. Afterwords, those who pass the final exam and are considered star students will be immediately debuting as part of a girl group.

Kim Heechul is expected to play a pivotal role as the homeroom teacher for “Idol School.” He will be acting as a support system to the students, giving them practical tips to becoming an idol.

In regards to his new role, he commented, “I will be a true supporter and take care of the students with a mother’s heart. The production team is expecting the homeroom teacher to be someone who has real experiences from both on stage and off stage, plus someone who can be both their senior and a friend.”

Meanwhile, “Idol School” is set to minimize the time it takes for trainees to debut, so students will be joined by actual staff members to hold short-term focused, customized classes.

Are you excited for the show?

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