APRIL’s Chaekyung, A Former “Produce 101” Trainee, Reveals The Hardest Part About Competing On The Show

APRIL’s Chaekyung made an appearance on O tvN’s “Free 19” (literal title) and talked about the hardships she experienced as a trainee on Mnet’s “Produce 101.”

Chaekyung first made her debut in Japan as project girl group Puretty and later became part of the Kara Project. She then made herself known to the public on “Produce 101” and debuted through project groups C.I.V.A and I.B.I. from variety show “God of Music.” Finally, she joined APRIL last year and became an official girl group member.

She expressed, “It feels like I’ve gone from an unofficial employee to an official one. It’s more stable, and I feel less pressured because we have many members.”

Host Jeon Hyun Moo asked, “What was the hardest thing for the trainees on ‘Produce 101’?” and Chaekyung replied, “We had one day to master everything in a song, including the choreography and lyrics, and had to show it to our trainers the next day. It was really hard to do that in just a day. I would take the lyrics wherever I went, whether it was to the bathroom or to my bed.”

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