Watch: San E Thanks Bolbbalgan4 For Success Of Chart Topping Track “Mohae” + Making Video

On May 23, San E released a new track titled “Mohae” and, as of 1 a.m. KST on May 24, the track has been holding steady at the top of various major music charts. San E expressed that he had preoccupations when releasing his track, as it would be competing against popular artists like PSY, TWICE, and IU.

One of the reasons for the song’s success is the harmonious synergy between San E and talented duo Bolbbalgan4, who featured on the track. Both teams are known for their unique and pleasing sounds, which led to a memorable collaboration. Furthermore, the song tells a refreshingly witty story of a text message conversation between a man and woman, which many listeners found themselves relating to.

San E stated, “In the past, I would always be worried about whether my track would drop in ranking and if I would be able to top the charts again; however, in this moment, I am truly grateful and content. Even if my songs doesn’t top the charts, I am happy to be releasing music for others to listen to.”

In regards to his collaboration with Bolbbalgan4, San E said, “They might have had a difficult time because the song is a bit different stylistically from what they usually do. I heard from Rhymer that the two of them practiced the song many times before coming to record the song. I was grateful and embarrassed [that they were putting in so much effort for my song].”

He expressed his gratitude to the two vocalists and said, “I would like to take this opportunity to truly thank Jiyoung and Jiyoon again for featuring on ‘Mohae.'”

Listen to the track below and check out the making video for “Mohae” below!

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