SHINHWA To Take Firm Legal Action After Unexpected Cancellation Of Japan Concerts

On May 24, SHINHWA announced on their official Facebook page that the group’s Japan concerts, which were scheduled to take place on May 30 and May 31, had been canceled.

The group apologized to the many fans in Japan who had been anticipating the concert and assured fans they would work their hardest to quickly reimburse them. In an official statement later, the group explained why the concert had been cancelled so suddenly.

SHINHWA stated that, despite the lackluster progress the Japanese concert production company was making, the group continued to put their all into the production of the concert through this company. Despite the fact that the Japanese concert production company violated many of the clauses in their contract, SHINHWA decided to overlook these and made many compromises in order to finish planning the concerts for their fans.

In the official statement, the group listed off all of the contract violations that led to the cancellation of their Japan concerts and stated, “We plan on taking strong legal action against the production company for their many contract violations.”

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