Dal Shabet’s Subin Gives Away That Idols Date Actors Often And Shares That She Was Courted Once Too

Dal Shabet’s Subin revealed on Channel E’s “Brave Reporters 3” that idols often date actors and shared that she was once approached by an actor as well.

Subin appeared on “Brave Reporters 3” for the first time to temporarily fill in for comedian Yoon Jung Soo. MC Kim Tae Hyun insisted that, as a newcomer, Subin must reveal insider information about the love lives of idols.

To this request, Subin responded, “I think idols date actors more often than they date each other.” Subin also dished her experience on when she was courted by an actor. Needless to say, the other cast members were excited to get the lowdown of this story.

“Brave Reporters 3” airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST.

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