Watch: BTS Couldn’t Be More Thrilled By Surprise Gift From Singer Halsey

American singer Halsey has shared a delightful video in which she met up with BTS again and had the chance to give them a gift!

BTS and Halsey previously met when they both attended the Billboard Music Awards on May 21, where BTS took home the Top Social Artist award (a historic first for a K-pop group). Halsey took the stage this year to perform, as well as won Top Hot 100 Song, Top Dance Song, and Top Collaboration for her hit track with the The Chainsmokers entitled “Closer.”

On May 24, Halsey shared a video to Twitter of herself surprising BTS with a gift. “I brought you guys a present!” she tells them in the video, to which Rap Monster hilariously replies, “Really?! You’re a present.”

Halsey explains that she’d heard that the members like churros, and the guys start cheering and look absolutely thrilled when they’re handed boxes of the treats. “These are seriously my favorite!” says Jungkook in Korean as Suga yells in joy.

As the members dig in, they rave about the churros, with Suga declaring them the “number one churros in the world” in English, before pretending to get on his phone to tell someone that he’s met the “number one singer.” BTS then encourages Halsey to try some herself, before introducing her to some Korean snacks.

Watch the great video below!

On the night of the Billboard Music Awards, Halsey excitedly tweeted about meeting BTS, and afterwards Rap Monster shared a photo from when the rest of his group got to meet her (and asked fans to edit him in). Halsey was also one of many celebrities to congratulate the guys on their big win.

Meanwhile, BTS will soon be resuming their sold out world tour, with their next stop in Sydney, Australia on May 26.