Moon Hee Jun Reveals How His Wife Soyul Is Dealing With Changes From Pregnancy

Moon Hee Jun has boasted about his utmost love for Crayon Pop’s Soyul.

He appeared as a guest on the May 24 broadcast of Channel A’s “Dad’s True Colors,” where he talked about his wife. “A while ago, my wife was braiding her hair into pigtails. Without looking at me, she said, ‘I’m a girl group member’ and started to do the dishes. In that moment, I started to tear up,” he shared.

Moon Hee Jun continued, saying, “She’s gained about 20 kilograms (approximately 44 pounds). I think she’s having a hard time adjusting to the changes in her body due to the pregnancy.” He then joked, “My wife doesn’t wear a helmet. She only wore it for one song,” causing everyone to laugh.

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun recently responded to his fans’ announcement to boycott him.

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