VIXX’s Hongbin Talks About Why He Feels Jealous When He Sees His Friends’ Social Media Posts

At the press conference for SBS Plus’s new mini-drama, “Wednesday 3:30 p.m.” (literal translation), VIXX’s Hongbin talked about the jealousy he feels when he sees his friends post on social media.

“Wednesday 3:30 p.m” is a drama about an office employee named Sun Eun Woo (Jin Ki Joo) who recieves a farewell notice and begins to post “lovestagrams” onto her social media every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. to fabricate a romantic relationship.

Going along with the thread of the drama’s narrative, VIXX’s Hongbin admitted, “When I look at my friends’ social media accounts, there are always a lot of ‘lovestagram’ posts. When I see those, I get very jealous.”

He continued, “When I’m busy with promotions, I really want to see my friends. Then I see that they are all happily in relationships, which makes me want to be in a relationship as well. It’s really lovely to see them enjoying life with another person.”

“Wednesday 3:30 p.m” will begin airing on May 31. Meanwhile, VIXX celebrated their fifth debut anniversary yesterday and recently took their first win for “Shangri-La” on “The Show.” The group has been receiving a lot of love for the unique concept behind their latest title track “Shangri-La.” 

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