Kang Ha Neul Relays Heartfelt Message In Light Of Good Friend Kim Woo Bin’s Cancer Diagnosis

On May 25, actor Kang Ha Neul took to Instagram to write a heartfelt message to his good friend Kim Woo Bin in light of recent news.

The actor said, “My heart hurts and I get worried when one of my family members even catches a cold… My friend is currently going through a difficult time because of a rare disease. I knew about his diagnosis in advance but, now that many others know, I am writing this post to request something [of the public]. They say that if you genuinely have a clear heart and good intentions, you can create a miracle. I ask that you encourage my friend and request that you say things with a warm heart and kind intentions.”

He continued, “We always said we would go get a drink together at some point but, because of our busy lives, I was unable to take care of my friend and for that I am very apologetic [to him]. My friend maintains his humor and wit, despite the unfortunate situation he has been handed. I hope that he is able to move forward without losing his smile.”

Kang Ha Neul ended his message by saying, “Woo Bin, I love you. Hang in there. Let’s continue to smile.”

집안 가까운 가족이 감기에만 걸려도 맘이 아프고 걱정되며 신경이 쓰이죠… 제 친구가 흔치 않은 병으로 고생중입니다. 저는 미리 알았지만 어제부로 많은 분들이 알게되셨으니 이렇게 부탁아닌 부탁을 드립니다 진심으로 깊고 맑은 마음과 바램이 있다면 우주를 멈추는 기적을 이룰수 있다고 하는데 제 친구를 위해 응원해주시고 격려와 따뜻한 말과 마음을 바랍니다. 항상 소주 기울이자 얘기하면서도 각자 바쁜삶속에서 제대로 챙겨주지못한 제가 어제부터 참 미안한 마음이었습니다. 제 친구가 불편한 상황속에서도 유머와 위트. 웃음을 잃지않는 나날을 보내길 바랍니다. 여러분들의 바람을 저도 같이 바랍니다. 우빈아 사랑한다. 힘내라. 항상 웃자.

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Yesterday, Kim Woo Bin’s agency stated that Kim Woo Bin had been diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer. The actor has put all other activities on hold in order to focus on his health. Kim Woo Bin’s girlfriend, actress Shin Min Ah, also released a statement in light of his diagnosis.

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