Watch: Loco’s “Too Much” With Dean And Gray Will Just Make You Want More

May 25, Loco dropped his first studio album, titled “BLEACHED.” On the meaning of the title, Loco’s label AOMG said, “It’s about all of the dark and difficult times of the past, and everything that has led up to the bright present. It’s about remembering the difficult times, being thankful for the present, and our resolutions for the future.”

The title song, “Too Much,” is a masterful collaboration between Loco, Gray (producing), and Dean (vocals). All have seen great success individually, but together, they’re even better.

Check out the music video for the track below:

Also check out Loco’s “DA DA DA,” featuring Hoody, and “Movie Shoot,” featuring DPR LIVE, from the “BLEACHED” album.