Watch: APRIL Teases Fun And Bubbly Choreography For “MAYDAY”

Updated May 27 KST:

APRIL has revealed a closer look at the choreography for their upcoming comeback!

Original Article:

APRIL has shared the first look at their upcoming MV!

The girl group will be making a return with a retro concept this time around through their new single album “MAYDAY,” which features a title track of the same name. On May 26 at midnight KST, they shared the first glimpse at the MV for their comeback song, which looks like it’s bound to be cheerful and fun!

Watch their new trailer below.

APRIL’s new single album “MAYDAY” will include three songs in total, and is due out on May 29 at 6 p.m. KST along with their music video. You can check out their teaser photos, album preview, and more here!