TWICE Explains The Secret To Their Popularity

TWICE has revealed what they believe to be the reason for their popularity!

The hit group appeared as guests on the latest episode of Mnet’s “I Can See Your Voice,” where they were asked by host Kim Jong Kook about the reason they receive so much love from their many fans.

“We try hard to communicate with our fans,” said Jihyo. “We’ve even done broadcasts without any makeup on.”

“We’ve tried to show our true selves to our fans while communicating with them, and I think our fans really like that,” she went on to say.

Celebrity guests on “I Can See Your Voice” take part in the show’s game in which they must try to guess which of the performing contestants can really sing, and which are just faking it.

When TWICE was asked which of the members has the best intuition, they replied that it is Nayeon! Watch May 25’s episode of “I Can See Your Voice” to find out how well the group did.

What do you think is the reason for TWICE’s popularity?

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