Park Shin Hye Reflects On Her Experiences Working With Choi Min Sik And EXO’s D.O.

In a recent interview and spread with Marie Claire magazine, Park Shin Hye opened up about what it’s like to act alongside veteran actors like Choi Min Sik and up-and-coming juniors like EXO’s D.O.

Park Shin Hye’s most recent project is “Silence” (tentative title), which wrapped up filming in February. A remake of the popular 2013 Chinese film “Silent Witness,” the film is centered around the murder of a powerful and influential businessman’s fiancée, with his daughter as the prime murder suspect. Park Shin Hye portrays the strong-willed lawyer who will do anything to figure out the truth behind the case.

Choi Min Sik plays the role of the businessman, and the actress explained in the magazine interview how she felt being next to such a senior actor.

“It was truthfully an honor in itself to be able to act face to face with Choi Min Sik. I was really nervous, but his encouragement became a huge strength to me,” she reflected. Park Shin Hye recalled how the most memorable scenes they filmed together were those that occurred in the courtroom, because “all the actors were gathered in one place.”

She was then asked how acting with a senior like Choi Min Sik differed from working with a junior like EXO’s D.O., whom she acted alongside in “My Annoying Brother.”

Park Shin Hye explained that she tended to understandably be more nervous around Choi Min Sik, but she learned a lot from both experiences.

With Choi Min Sik, she was able to adapt and naturally follow his lead while watching him act. The actress remembered how he would always lift her spirits and would compliment her acting, in addition to giving her lots of advice. She added, “[Choi Min Sik] is such a cheerful and fun person [on set], so I throughly enjoyed myself during filming.”

As for D.O., Park Shin Hye commented, “To me, Do Kyung Soo (D.O.’s real name) is an actor. It was actually more fascinating to see him sing onstage.”

Although she was the senior, the actress ended up becoming motivated by such an “admirable person.” “He works really hard when he acts. When we were filming our movie, he had a lot of overseas events. Seeing him become completely immersed in our production even with such a busy schedule made me reflect on myself,” Park Shin Hye explained.

The rest of the actress’s interview and photo shoot can be found in the latest edition of Marie Claire.

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