Boyfriend Writes Letters To Fans In Honor Of 6th Debut Anniversary

The members of Boyfriend celebrated the sixth anniversary of their debut by dedicating heartfelt letters to their fan club “Bestfriend.”

The group’s agency Starship Entertainment uploaded the handwritten letters on May 26.


“When I look back, I realize how precious every single moment was and how it has shaped me into who I am today. As a leader, I feel sorry and thankful whenever I think of Boyfriend and Bestfriend. Thank you all for helping us celebrate our sixth debut anniversary. I hope you will all become happier.”


“The fresh 17-year-old Kwangmin has now become a 23-year-old full-fledged adult. The six years that we have spent together are very precious to me. Thank you so much for crying and laughing with us all these years. Bestfriend, I’m sorry for just being on the receiving end of love.”


“I’m happiest when I sing and dance on stage, but that happiness just multiples when I see Bestfriend in front of me. I’m genuinely thankful, and I will work harder so we can create good memories together.”


“A lot of things happened in six years, 2,190 days, and 52,560 hours, right? Thank you for staying by our side this whole time. Let’s walk together under the bright sunlight!”


“Honestly, we’ve spent more time apart than together, but I think that has made our relationship much more valuable. The six of us will always stand together so don’t worry. You’ll be able to see us soon!”


“I’m very touched by the fact that we’ve been growing with Bestfriend. I want to hurry and see your sparkling eyes looking at me. I’m thankful that I’ve received so much strength from you all. Now it’s our turn to become a source of strength to you.”

Boyfriend will be able to reunite with their fans very soon through their upcoming comeback!

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