Hyuna Talks About Her Style When It Comes To Dating And What Being Famous Is Like

Recently, Triple H appeared on the cover of The Star’s June edition wearing 1990’s inspired clothing and also completed a followup interview for the photoshoot.

During the interview, Hyuna talked about her dating style and experience. She said, “When I am dating someone, my life revolves around them. I don’t have a lot of experience in dating, but I do talk a lot about it with my closest friends. Actually, it’s been a while since I’ve considered dating” and continued, “I like it when relationships happen naturally. I don’t like forced dates and would prefer to spend time doing things that I like.”

She also spoke about what it’s like to be a celebrity. She commented, “I’m still amazed when people recognize me on the street. I started on this career path with a dream, so I want to stay in entertainment for my entire life,” and ended the interview by saying, “Everything I have done in my career is recorded and I can look back at it anytime I want. Because of this, I will be a celebrity forever.”

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