Mnet’s Idolcon Day 1 Features Performances From DAY6 And gugudan, Plus Fan Signings, Workshops, And More!

May 26 was the first day of Mnet’s K-pop idol convention Idolcon!

Soompi had the opportunity to attend the convention, which took place at COEX’s D Hall and auditorium. The first day featured many K-pop idols such as DAY6, gugudan, B1A4, VICTON, and BOYS24.

From watching your favorite artists perform on stage, to getting first-hand experience in vocal and dance workshops, there are a lot of things that fans can do at Idolcon. The convention also features booths from multiple agencies such as JYP Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and Rainbow Bridge World.

Not to mention, there are multiple fan signings and mini fan meetings from artists such as MOMOLAND and IMFACT, where fans are able to meet K-pop idols face-to-face.

Today’s workshops featured personal lessons from SM vocal trainer Jang Jin Young and 1MILLION’s May J Lee, as well as special events such as a make up demonstration from some of the members of BOYS24.

gugudan and DAY6 also performed special concerts hosted by MC Kim Shin Young, and each concert had a special corner where fans could get to know their favorite artists better.

The girls of gugudan were bright and adorable as they performed songs like “Wonderland,” “A Girl Like Me,” and even their b-side track “Rainbow.” Unfortunately, Mina was unable to perform during the concert, but she assured worried fans that her injured leg was rapidly healing. Kim Shin Young then gave the girls a chance to answer questions from fans.

The gugudan members talked about their undying loyalty to each other, even making promises and pledges that they will do for the group. Kim Sejeong said that she will even go bald for gugudan if they return with a girl crush concept, causing all the members to crack up.

Afterwards, DAY6 also held a concert with their fans, hyping up the crowd with amazing performances of “Man In A Movie,” “I’m Serious,” “You Were Beautiful,” and more. During their interview session, the members enjoyed themselves as they playfully joked around with their fans and Kim Shin Young.

When asked about what kind of concerts they want to try in the future, Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon all chose outdoor areas, suggesting to have a concert on the beach or outside on the grass. Jae then said, “I really want to try stage diving.”

Kim Shin Young also read some fan questions and asked the members to answer using five words only, since there are five members in DAY6. Despite being a bit nervous, when questions like “What are you doing after this?” or “Why do you get lyrics wrong?” came up, the members provided immediate and witty answers. Jae stated that he was probably going to ride his kick board after the concert, while Dowoon adorably answered, “I don’t have any lyrics.”

Both gugudan and DAY6 concluded their concerts by taking selfies with their fans.

Beyond the performances, Idolcon also features other booths where fans can try a variety of different foods, buy albums, and receive free goods. Mnet’s Idolcon runs for two days, with the second day of the convention starting on May 27 at COEX Mall.

How many of you were at the convention? Let us know what your favorite part was below!

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