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Members of girl group Unnies from “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2” wrote letters to their fans Dongsaengs ahead of the last episode.

Kim Sook wrote, “Dongsaengs, who are always on Unnies’ side! Dongsaengs, I will think of you a lot. You have worked hard to support Unnies. We will cherish you forever. Thank you.”

Hong Jin Kyung continued, “We have been so grateful and happy thanks to Dongsaengs. We will cherish the love you gave us forever. Thank you so much. I love you.”

Kang Ye Won showed her gratitude as she shared, “My first fanclub Dongsaengs~! Thank you for saying you are our ‘fans.’ It’s upsetting that we have to say goodbye as soon as we meet! Instead of thinking of it as goodbye, I will pray that Unnies’ Ye Won and Dongsaengs can meet again. It can happen if I pray enough.”

She continued, “You will be healthy and well until we meet again, right? You will still support us from far, right? Thank you for giving us great happiness although for a short time. I love you! Dongsaengs!”

Han Chae Young also wrote, “Dongsaengs that I love! Thank you so so much for giving us so much unexpected love. I think ‘Right?’ was able to shine more thanks to Dongsaengs! Please continue to give Unnies lots of love, and don’t forget us.”

“Dongsaengs, I am so happy you gave us so much love to us although we are lacking! I will never forget you. Unnies and dongsaengs, you all worked hard,” wrote Hong Jin Young.

Gong Minzy drew her caricature with the message, “Thank you so much for giving us so much love. I will cherish our times together in my heart. I love you. I will forever remember.”

Finally, Jeon Somi’s letter read, “Dongsaengs that I love. Thank you so much for cheering us on and giving our song lots of love. I will always keep our Dongsaengs in our heart. Thank you for making us unforgettable memories.”

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