Kim Eui Sung Defends Director Hong Sang Soo And Actress Kim Min Hee’s Relationship

Actor Kim Eui Sung recently revealed that he is a supporter of the relationship between Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee.

The relationship between the director and the actress is a controversial topic because Hong Sang Soo is married. He and his wife are currently estranged as a result of his relationship with Kim Min Hee, which the two openly acknowledged during a press conference for one of their films.

On May 26, during an interview with Ilgan Sports, Kim Eui Sung spoke up about the relationship, saying, “No matter who your partner is, being able to experience love again after you thought you were past your prime is something I envy.”

He added, “Other than that, it’s not my place to talk about personal or family history. The two of them probably know the price they have to pay. Korea is a country where that price is particularly heavy.”

“It’s funny to hear people asking them if they did something wrong when they’re two people in love,” he continued. “If they love each other, how is that wrong?”

Finally, he said, “They call it a scandal, but according to Korean pop culture, isn’t this a romance? ‘It’s okay if we die. We’re just going to love each other.’ I think seeing them that way is admirable. Is it possible for anyone to know everything they feel?”

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Min Hee recently made headlines again after attending the Cannes Film Festival together.

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