H.O.T’s Lee Jae Won Reveals He Spent Earnings To Fund His Grandfather’s Escape From North Korea

On May 28, Lee Jae Won appeared as a guest on Channel A’s “We’re Coming to Meet You” and revealed the shocking truth on where he spent his H.O.T promotions earnings.

“I spent my earnings on helping my grandfather escape from North Korea,” he said, surprising everyone. Later, it was unveiled that Lee Jae Won’s father was the first to get in contact with a broker from North Korea. Being short on cash, he was contemplating about paying the broker fee to get Lee Jae Won’s grandfather out of North Korea. Although the fee was very expensive, Lee Jae Won heard about the situation and responded, “Of course we must do anything to bring grandfather back,” and gave his father a huge sum of money.

Because of Lee Jae Won, his father and grandfather were able to meet in China and successfully cross over to South Korea.

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