Kangta Reveals How A Traumatic Childhood Incident Led Him To Develop Aquaphobia

Kangta appeared on JTBC’s variety show “Suddenly Heroes” (literal title) on May 27 and revealed that he has a severe fear of water.

During the episode, Lee Jae Hoon said that he wanted the cast of Jung Joon Ha, Kangta, KCM, and Joo Woo Jae to learn how to scuba dive and clean up marine garbage.

Hearing this, the blood left Kangta’s face and he confessed, “When I was three or four, I fell into the water. It was difficult, but my father got me out. I don’t remember the incident very well but I developed a fear of water. When I go into any body of water that is deep enough to reach my neck, I get so scared that I freeze up and can’t move.”

However, Kangta expressed that he would be willing to give scuba diving a try because he wanted to overcome his fears. Though it took him a few tries, Kangta succeeded in breathing through his scuba diving apparatus underwater.

Do you have a phobia like Kangta?

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