KNK Talks About Their Promotion Period Overlapping With ASTRO’s For The Fourth Time

On May 25, KNK returned with new mini album “Gravity” and released the music video for their title track, “Sun.Moon.Star.” Just a few days later on May 29, ASTRO will come back with their new mini album,”Dream Part.01.

The two groups have been overlapping with their comebacks periods since their debut. Both groups debuted in 2016: KNK on March 3 and ASTRO on February 23. Following their debut, KNK returned with their second album on June 11 and ASTRO with theirs on July 11. Both groups then made comebacks in November with their third albums.

In a recent interview, KNK commented on the coincidence and said, “We think of ASTRO as our colleagues who push us to be better. We actually contact each other outside of music programs. We met up with them to play video games once when we weren’t promoting.”

What do you think about this friendly rivalry?

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