Seungjae Shows His Angelic Innocence When He Sees Actors In Beggar Costume

Little Seungjae is as kind as he is adorable.

On the May 28 broadcast of KBS2’s variety show “The Return of Superman,” Seungjae and his father Go eJi Yong went to a simulated traditional folk village. While they were resting, a few actors in beggar costumes approached them.

When the beggars said, “We are hungry,” and pretended to cry, Seungjae also burst into sorrowful tears and said, “Please don’t cry.”

He fell into his father’s arms and said, “I’ll give them food.” He then gave the beggars some money, saying, “Please don’t starve and eat something yummy.” Turning to his father, he proclaimed, “I’m going to give them food. I’ll cook for them.”

When finally parting with the beggars, Seungjae said, “Please don’t ever cry anymore.”

Check out this latest episode below!

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