BTS Explains How They Were Able To Win At Billboard Music Awards

During a press conference that was held on May 29 to commemorate their recent Billboard Music Awards win, BTS expressed their gratitude and gave credit to their fans ARMY.

“Even before our debut, we used social media to communicate with our fans,” said Suga. “We try our best to talk to our fans because they’re curious of how we live,” added Jimin.

“We try to show through our music that we can relate to people in their 10s and 20s. Our goal is to build bonds and identify with many people,” Suga shared.

Jin then talked about the secret to their success, saying, “I think people like our powerful choreography, the way we tell our stories through music, and the fact that we started from the bottom and climbed up step by step.”

“The most important thing is to stay genuine. The keywords are truth and communication. If we don’t make music about our own lives, people can’t relate to us,” said Rap Monster.

He continued, “Our international fans like us because we make trendy music that sounds somewhat like pop. Once we add our knife-like choreography into the picture, we become fresh and unique to them.”

Meanwhile, their concert “2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR ~JAPAN EDITION~” will begin on May 30 starting in Osaka.

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