Baek A Yeon Talks About What She Really Wants To Receive From Park Jin Young

Baek A Yeon recently made a comeback on May 29 with her mini album “Bittersweet” and title track “Sweet Lies,” and she revealed more about her latest release during a V Live broadcast held on the same day.

While discussing one of her b-side track, “Just Friends,” the singer introduced how “Producer Park Jin Young specially co-wrote the lyrics for this track.” She then revealed that she’s been hoping that JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young would compose a song for her, but it has yet to happen.

“I hope next time there will be a day when I will be able to receive a [Park Jin Young-produced] track,” she expressed.

Baek A Yeon’s close friend and fellow JYP Entertainment labelmate 15&’s Park Jimin also made an appearance during the broadcast, where she talked about her own contribution to this mini album.

The younger singer featured in a rather unique way, by rapping in another b-side track, “Jealousy.” Baek A Yeon explained, “It’s a little dubious to say that she rapped [in a traditional manner], because it more of a melodic rap.” Park Jimin added, “While preparing for ‘Jealousy,’ Baek A Yeon wrote from her own perspective, and I wrote about my observations of Baek A Yeon from my perspective.”

Hopefully Baek A Yeon’s wish comes true in the future!

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