Han Sun Hwa Talks About Her Brother Han Seungwoo And His Group VICTON

Han Sun Hwa showed support for her brother and his group VICTON.

During a recent interview, Han Sun Hwa was asked about her younger brother, Han Seungwoo, who is currently active as a VICTON member.

Han Sun Hwa said, “At first, I was really against [him becoming an idol]. I know better than anyone else how hard it is to survive in this industry. But, luckily, he got into a good company and he’s doing well. I feel proud when I look at him.”

When prompted that she has probably been cheering VICTON on a lot, Han Sun Hwa agreed by saying, “All of the kids are cute and nice. Seeing that, I realized why they were so loved when they debuted. I didn’t know that at the time and thought that they were loved because they had a good song, but now I realize that they received that much love because of their innocent charms.”

Meanwhile, Han Sun Hwa’s latest drama “Radiant Office” recently came to an end.

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