Yeo Jin Goo Expresses His Fondness For Actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun

Yeo Jin Goo recently talked about his friendship with actresses Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun.

Yeo Jin Goo, Kim Yoo Jung, and Kim So Hyun acted together in the hit MBC historical drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” from 2012. All three actors have grown well into their own careers since then, with Kim So Hyun starring in “Goblin,” Kim Yoo Jung starring in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” and Yeo Jin Goo currently starring in tvN’s “Circle.”

The actor said of the two actress, “I’ve known those two for a very long time, even before ‘Moonlight Draw by Clouds.’ Their acting in recent projects surprises me time and time again. Their success makes me want to work even harder. I really want to see them do well and am always cheering them on in my heart.”

When asked who he would like to act with in a future project, Yeo Jin Goo responded, “If the opportunity ever presents itself, I would really like to act with Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung again. I haven’t thought about what kind of project I would like to work on with them but I feel like it would be very fun to act with them again, as we have known each other for so long.”

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo is currently starring in the tvN drama “Circle,” an epic sci-fi drama that isn’t afraid to be dark. Plus, the actor’s latest film “Warriors of the Dawn” will be premiering on May 31 in South Korea.

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