Baek A Yeon Explains The Difference Between JYP’s And Antenna Music’s Headquarters

On May 30, Baek A Yeon was interviewed about her new mini album “Bittersweet,” and she shared her experience recording at both JYP’s and Antenna Music’s headquarters.

The fourth track on her new album, “Magic Girl,” was composed, written, and arranged by Peppertones’s Shin Jae Pyung, who is part of Antenna Music. Baek A Yeon revealed that she recorded the song’s demo at Antenna Music’s headquarters, describing the place as bright yellow and cozy. She explained that it had a different atmosphere from JYP, saying, “[At JYP], it’s always bright, no matter what time of the day it is. It’s not necessarily an uplifting atmosphere; it’s just that the lighting is bright.”

She continued, “When it was confirmed that ‘Magic Girl’ would be part of my album, I recorded it again at the JYP headquarters, but I liked the demo I recorded at Antenna more. The final version that was included in the album has that vibe [from the demo].”

She even chose Sam Kim, part of Antenna Music, as the artist she most wants to collaborate with. “His own music is rhythmical, but when I heard the song he wrote with IU, I found out that he can do that kind of music too. He seemed like a real musician, and I hope there will be many opportunities for us to collaborate.”

Meanwhile, Baek A Yeon’s new album “Bittersweet” contains six songs in total, with its title track being “Sweet Lies.”

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