Park Myung Soo Attempts To Clean Windows Outside 5th Tallest Building In The World For “Infinite Challenge”

Park Myung Soo has taken on the challenge of cleaning the windows of the tallest building in Seoul.

He was recently seen outside the Lotte World Tower, trying to clean the windows from the outside. Instead of filming with the other “Infinite Challenge” team members, Park Myung Soo was by himself.

The production team for “Infinite Challenge” previously teased Park Myung Soo’s attempt by revealing the title “Sky-scraper Mania Park Myung Soo’s New Challenge” in the show’s previews.

Pictures of Park Myung Soo struggling outside the Lotte World Tower soon spread on social media sites, with one particular Instagram post showing him cope with the height of the incredibly tall building, which contains 123 floors. The Lotte World Tower is also known to be the fifth tallest building in the world.

Meanwhile, the broadcast date for Park Myung Soo’s intense window cleaning has not yet been decided.

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