Watch: ASTRO Members Are All Smiles And Full Of Energy In Behind-The-Scenes Video Of 4th Mini Album

ASTRO has recently returned with their fourth mini album, and they’ve released a behind-the-scenes video of their album jacket photo shoot that is full of laughs and energy.

The video was shared by ASTRO’s official YouTube channel on May 30 and follows the members as they pose both individually and as a group for their new album. JinJin kicked things off by explaining what they were doing, and the other members joined him in quite a raucous and energetic fashion.

The members of ASTRO are all smiles during breaks, joking around with each other. While MJ and JinJin are admiring how tall Sanha looked in his photos, MJ claimed he looked pretty tall in his photos as well, to which JinJin joked, “It’s because they shot you from a lower angle.” Later, Moonbin and MJ each practice their poses in front of a mirror and bicker about who did better. But the members knew how to immediately switch to a more serious face once they were in front of the camera, and the photo shoot was a resounding success.

Check out the video and don’t forget to also check out the music video of ASTRO’s recent comeback, “Baby”!