iKON Reflects On Differences Between Their Newest Release And First Studio Album

iKON recently sat down for an interview with magazine High Cut as the cover models of its newest issue, where they opened up about how they’ve matured since their last group release in Korea.

B.I began by introducing one of their title tracks, “BLING BLING,” and described it as a strong track, with lyrics full of hubris. “It’s a track that portrays a hope, ‘I want to play like that too.'”

“In one word, this album [“New Kids: Begin”] can be described as ‘let’s play.’ It’s an album that contains the ways young people like to play these days.” “It’s better to listen to [the album] on speaker, rather than just through earphones, together with other people instead of just on your own,” Bobby continued.

Jay (Kim Jinhwan) commented, “Our stage manner has improved as well. When I see our old performances from prior promotions, I get embarrassed.” He displayed confidence while explaining that they’ve become more proficient in many ways, whether it be in singing or overall performing.

“Our sharp choreography was difficult. There was even a time where I had finished making the choreography, and ended up just kicking it all to the curb,” confessed Bobby. “Jinhwan cried once because the dance was too difficult.”

iKON concluded, “If our first studio album had more tracks based more on our imaginations rather than things that happened, then the songs [in our newest single album] are more embedded in our experiences and thoughts.”

Check out iKON’s full photo shoot and interview in the June issue of High Cut!

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