7 Badass Female K-Pop Artists Who Fearlessly Express Themselves

Breaking free from the usual cute concept, some female K-pop idols and artists stand out from the rest with both a gutsy image and a gallant mindset in a way that fits their inner persona best. Here are seven badass female K-pop artists who fearlessly express themselves.

1. Yoon Mirae

Born Natasha Shanta Reid to a Korean mother and an African-American father, Yoon Mirae faced discrimination during her childhood because of her mixed heritage. Being one of Korea’s best female rappers, not only did she make a name for herself in the industry, she also took part in raising awareness about multiculturalism within Korean families.

That being said, she proudly embraced the color of her skin and natural curly hair in the MV for her famous song “Black Happiness.”

2. Lee Hyori

The “nation’s fairy” is one of the most influential idols in the industry ever since her Fin.K.L days, and has always been known for her upfront opinions all while maintaining her lively spirit.

In that light, the mighty Lee Hyori did not miss out on sharing her take on Korean beauty standards through her song “Miss Korea.”

3. CL

“Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know” is Lee Chaelin’s official motto. Be it with former group 2NE1 or as a solo artist, the pop star did not shy away from breaking the basic idol status and showing her true essence as Korea’s baddest female. Currently working on her American solo album, a bold move in and of itself due to the vastly different nature of the American market in comparison to K-pop, CL is aspiring to be a potent representative of Asian pop culture in the United States.

Check out her performance of “The Baddest Female” on “Inkigayo” below:

4. HyunA

Sexiness is, without a doubt, HyunA’s ultimate weapon. The sassy queen usually moves away from the more pure concepts that girl groups show, and confidently adopts skin exposure and sensual choreographies along with playful lyrics that add to her sexy aura, as shown in her song “Red.”

When confronted about the impact of her stage character on her image, HyunA strongly defended herself by stating that she is simply showcasing her strong colors, which she considers an asset, and that she will continue to do so despite the general public’s opinion of her.

5. Jessi

Considered a plain-spoken person on numerous occasions on and off camera, the bold rapper always makes sure to voice her honest thoughts, whether it’s via a statement on social media, a commentary on variety shows, or even through a well-built diss during a rap battle.

The “Unpretty Rapstar” runner-up is so candid it’s refreshing, even readily opening up about traditionally sensitive topics like plastic surgery that other celebrities tend to avoid if possible. Check out Jessi’s MV for “SSENUNNI,” a perfect embodiment of her unapologetic confidence.

6. Ga In

If the Brown Eyed Girls’ youngest member was known for anything ever since her solo career bloomed, it’s undeniably her daring concepts. Unafraid to display explicit content through her music, Ga In often addresses sexuality by depicting it in her work. Her music videos have become hot topics on more than one occasions for this. “Bloom,” which earned her a MAMA nomination back in 2012, was much talked about due to its depiction of a woman exploring her sexuality. “Fxxk U,” also, which she filmed with her now-boyfriend Joo Ji Hoon, blew up in the Korean news due to its graphic depiction of a toxic relationship.

7. f(x)’s Amber

“Is she a tomboy?” is the question that every curious fan asks when first coming across Amber’s style. Nevertheless, labeling people based on appearances can be hurtful. In fact, the singer personally conveyed a message in which she stated that nobody should be limited to a certain look, and that there is nothing wrong with being different. Moreover, f(x)’s main rapper revealed her solo track “Borders” under SM Entertainment’s single project STATION, along with a personal letter in the video description; both the song and the note wholeheartedly described the artist’s genuine feelings.

Check out her amazing MV below:

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Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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