FTISLAND Reacts To Their Transition From Rookies To Veterans In 10th Anniversary Commentary Video

On May 30, FNC Entertainment released a video of FTISLAND providing a commentary on their ten years as a band.

They sat down to watch a compilation video of their album jacket images, memorable performances, reality shows, and more. The members were impressed by how great they looked when they were younger, but they also laughed at their awkwardness as rookies.

After watching the video, Lee Hong Ki shared, “I liked it. We look young, and it got me to think about everything that happened in the past,” while Choi Jong Hoon said, “There were some parts I couldn’t remember, making me realize how busy we used to be.”

Lee Jae Jin commented, “In my case, seeing all of our mistakes made me think about how much harder we should work on every detail. I think we did a good job on our 10th anniversary album in that sense because we worked especially hard on it. I had a great time.”

“Now that so much time has passed, I can finally see ourselves from a third person’s point of view. I hope that in the future, we will be able to look back on the things we’re doing now and feel proud about them. I hope our album does well,” stated Choi Min Hwan.

Lastly, Song Seung Hyun said, “It was a new feeling. If you only look at the photos and videos, it’s really funny, but we also experienced many hardships. I have a lot of memories going through my mind right now.”

FTISLAND’s 10th anniversary album “OVER 10 YEARS” will be released on June 7, the day of their debut. They will also hold a showcase on the same day.

Meanwhile, their pre-release track “Love Sick” rose to the top of domestic music charts, and its music video took first place on China’s YinYueTai V Chart.

Watch the full commentary below!

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