Suran Gives Dean A 10 Out Of 10 As The Producer Of Her Upcoming Title Track “1+1=0”

On May 31, Suran held a listening event for her mini-album “Walkin.'” The vocalist has only released singles and featured on other artists’ tracks, which makes this her first mini-album since her debut.

At the event, Suran stated, “When I first heard [my title track], I found myself relating to the lyrics and think that it will become a song that many individuals will be able to relate to.”

Suran’s title track “1+1=o” is a play on words, as the number 1 in Korean can also be understood as “work,” as the two are written and pronounced the same. Therefore, the song is trying to say that work on top of work will leave you with nothing. R&B artist Dean was in charge of producing the track and also features on it.

In regards to Dean, Suran said, “In just a week, Dean was able to tailor-make a song to gift to me. The track really emphasizes my energetic side. [Dean] not only has a charismatic and charming voice but is also very impressive as a producer as well. I give him a 10 out of 10 [as a producer].”

In addition to Dean, Swings, Primary, Changmo and BTS’s Suga are also listed in the credits for the mini-album. BTS’s Suga produced Suran’s chart-topping track “Wine,” which rapper Changmo featured on. Plus, rapper Swings will be featuring on a track titled “Do it,” which Primary produced. Her mini-album will contain five tracks in total and is set to drop on June 2 at 6 p.m. KST.

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