Watch: Ji Chang Wook Is A Total Kid Around Nam Ji Hyun In “Suspicious Partner” Making Video

Previously, Ji Chang Wook gushed about his chemistry with co-star Nam Ji Hyun and said that he teases her a lot when he gets tired on set.

In the latest behind-the-scenes video, viewers can see these sorts of interactions taking place between the two actors. Ji Chang Wook cutely tries to step on Nam Ji Hyun’s feet and does a cute little dance as they wait for the next take. In the next scene, Ji Chang Wook brags about his socks to Nam Ji Hyun, as she giggles at his childish behavior.

From their interactions, it’s hard to believe that Ji Chang Wook is eight years older than his co-star, as he becomes a total kid around her. Meanwhile, check out the latest stills from “Suspicious Partner” ahead of tonight’s episode!

Watch their adorable interactions below!

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