SISTAR Talks About Their Final Promotions During Their Last Live Broadcast

On May 31, the members of SISTAR held their last live broadcast through V Live, where they conveyed some thoughts regarding their last promotions together as a group.

Dasom expressed, “We have received undeserved love for seven years. In order to pay back all this love, the members and I have decided to walk our individual paths. I hope you will continue supporting each and every one of us. We were so happy to be together, and we will never ever forget these past seven years. Thank you, and we love you.

Hyorin then said, “First of all, thank you to all the members, fans, and Starship Entertainment family who have been with us for seven years. We will never forget you all. We’ll all work hard to become the best in our individual places. I hope you will support us forever.”

Soyou also shared, “I want to thank Starship Entertainment family and my fellow members who went through a lot. Our fans have gone through a lot as well. Thank you to all the composers and lyricists who gave us so many great songs. We will never forget the love that our fans have given us. SISTAR will always be in my heart.”

Lastly, Bora expressed, “There were many joyful moments but we also had some times of difficulty. We grew together from a young age. I’m thankful for all these precious memories. The members and I feel very affectionate towards one another, and the four of us are wrapping things up in a positive light. We hope you will love and support us until the very end.”

While talking about their last single album “Lonely,” they shared that every member participated in writing lyrics dedicated to their fans.

“As singers, we thought it was only right to say goodbye through music, so we asked our agency to let us promote for one last week,” Soyou shared.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for SISTAR’s final music show appearances this week.

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