PD Of “Happy Together” Talks About Being Moved By Jo In Sung And IU In 500th Episode Specials

KBS2 “Happy Together” has been celebrating 500 episodes on air with a number of special episodes, featuring some very special guests.

On the May 25 broadcast of “Happy Together,” the cast members attempted to invite the top three guests that viewers wanted to see on the show: Jo In Sung, Song Joong Ki, and Gong Yoo. Ji Suk Jin, after obtaining Jo In Sung’s number from Lee Kwang Soo, called the actor to ask him to appear on the show.

The PD of “Happy Together” said, “We thought it would be great if we could even just get [Jo In Sung] on the phone to congratulate the show. We had no idea that he would actually show up. I was very touched by his guest appearance on the show.”

He continued, “Jo In Sung was the star of the May 25 episode. He was very crafty and fun on the show,” conveying his gratitude for the actor’s variety skills.

It was reported that IU would also be joining Jo In Sung for the special episodes, which was confirmed through a preview for tonight’s episode of “Happy Together.” Park Myung Soo calls IU and persuades her to buy him spicy rice cakes by lying that he was sick and hadn’t eaten all day.

Although she had her suspicions, IU readily set out alone to buy the rice cakes for him. In regards to the singer’s guest appearance, the PD said, “IU came in a taxi by herself. She went to Gangnam by herself to purchase the spicy rice cakes and this was when ‘Palette’ was topping all the major music charts. We were moved by how she quietly fulfilled his request on her own,” heightening anticipation for the upcoming episode.

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