DAY6 Calls Upon Fans To Vote For Their Official Fan Club Name

DAY6 fans will be getting an official fan club soon!

On June 1, DAY6 posted an announcement asking fans to choose a name for their fan club.

The options are listed below in alphabetical order with each name’s meaning. These names were previously submitted by fans and chosen by JYP Entertainment as the final nominations.

1. DAYDREAMER: DAY6 and their fans will have the same dream and walk forward together.
2. DAYLIGHT: DAY6 and their fans provide light and energy to each other.
3. HOLIDAY: DAY6 and their fans give each other comfort and joy like a holiday.
4. My Day: DAY6 and their fans are important to each other because they fill up one another’s days.
5. SUNDAY: DAY6 and their fans shine on each other like the “sun” and complete each other’s weeks.

Meanwhile, DAY6 will be releasing their first studio album “Sunrise” on June 7 at noon KST.

Which fan club name is your personal favorite?

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