IU To Feature On Last Album Of Veteran Indie Band Sister’s Barbershop

Singer IU will be featuring on the final album of indie band Sister’s Barbershop.

According to multiple music sources, IU will be participating as a featured artist on one of their b-side tracks, as the album is set to release on June 1. Famous music critic Kim Jae Ga praised IU through his social media, saying, “IU shows more of her skill through this song than through any other song that she has previously featured in.”

IU has consistently collaborated with a variety of artists such as G-Dragon, Kim Chang Wan, and Hyukoh, proving herself as a versatile artist.

She shared her thoughts on collaborating with the indie group through an Instagram post, with a caption that said, “I was able to participate in a follow up track for the last album of Sister’s Barbershop, a group that I have liked since I was a kid. It’s been a little over a year since I received my first email from senior Lee Seok Won. As I watched them put the album together little by little from afar, I learned so much as a fan and as a junior musician. It is an honor that I was able to participate in your last album. I will not forget the respect and care you’ve shown me.”

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Meanwhile, Sister’s Barbershop will be concluding their activities after 20 years with their sixth album “People Who Are Alone” on June 1. The indie group debuted back in 1996 with their first album “Pigeons Are Rats of the Sky” and has released six albums since.

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