PD Na Young Suk Responds To Reports Of “Youn’s Kitchen” Being Plagiarized In China

“Youn’s Kitchen” producer Na Young Suk has commented on the program being allegedly plagiarized.

At a press conference on June 1, he was asked about the accusations of upcoming Chinese program “Chinese Restaurant” (literal translation) plagiarizing “Youn’s Kitchen”. He responded, “I have not seen the program myself, so I was unable to check if it’s true.”

He added, “The format is not expensive to purchase. If they purchase the format, I can help them on specific details as well. It’s not expensive, so if they buy it, I can help with maintenance and repairs, as well,” drawing laughter.

Na Young Suk also speculated, “Until one or two years ago, it seemed like everyone was purchasing the original formats. However, after the Korean restriction order in China, it seems that they feel more conscious about doing so.”

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