Watch: “Produce 101 Season 2” Trainees Talk About Skin Care And Search For Their Look-Alikes In Self-Cam Video

The self-cam videos of the trainees’ behind-the-scenes life continues on “Produce 101 Season 2!”

This week, the self-cam videos were filmed by Yoon Ji Sung, Lee Gun Hee, and Park Ji Hoon. Yoon Ji Sung met up with various trainees and asked about their skin care. Lee Eui Woong said that he often deals with acne and washes his face frequently and uses face masks at night to take care of it. Park Ji Hoon said that he deals with redness a lot and uses face masks to cool his skin down.

Yoon Ji Sung also “reunited” Lee Gun Hee with his “younger sister,” a stuffed doll of Olaf from “Frozen.” Lee Gun Hee is said to look like the animated character, so for his self-cam he sought out trainees with famous look-alikes. Park Ji Hoon compared himself to No Yoo Min, Ahn Hyeong Seob mentioned hearing that he looks like “Zootopia’s” Judy Hopps, while Lee Eui Woong compared himself to the Pokemon Aipom.

Watch the cute self-cam below!