Jo In Sung Asks Park Bo Gum For The Most Random Thing Ever On “Happy Together”

Given how hilarious Jo In Sung can be when he suddenly appears on variety shows, let’s hope he appears on more of them!

The June 1 episode of KBS2’s “Happy Together” was a continuation from the previous broadcast, a celebration of reaching 500 episodes since the show’s premiere.

Just as last week, the hosts and panel members on the show tried to call up some of their celebrity friends and acquaintances and get them to come to the cafe they were filming at, without mentioning to them they were filming “Happy Together.”

During the previous episode, Jo In Sung had unexpectedly agreed to appear and was very much surprised when he arrived on set to find himself suddenly as a guest. This week, he continued to display his humorous side as he joined in on the fun when Jun Hyun Moo tried to invite Park Bo Gum.

While Jun Hyun Moo tried to casually ask, “Can you come to the Gangnam District area?,” Park Bo Gum quickly caught on and commented, “Are you currently recording a show?,” which meant Jun Hyun Moo failed his turn.

The phone was eventually passed on to Jo In Sung, who happily greeted his junior. With pleasantries out of the way, he suddenly asked, “Bo Gum, do you have any seasoned wild vegetables (namul) at your home?”

Taking the seemingly random question in stride while laughing, Park Bo Gum replied he had fatsia roots. As Park Bo Gum continued to laugh at the absurd question, Jo In Sung briefly explained that they “needed it,” because of a mission.

Check out the rest of the episode on Viki below!

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